by Kenny on Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yes i've been lagging on updating my blog.

BUT HEY i have an excuse!!!

My camera isn't ENTIRELY broken, not at all, buuuuttt...i am having issues with it.

My D90 (which i feel is a bit outdated but hey i dont mind all too much!!!)....

I have been having problems with the SHUTTER BUTTON.

My half press focus lock works funky. When i focus on an object, press it half way down so it locks, then move the camera around for desired image. PRESS!....then it will AUTOFOCUS again! Shit is so fucking annoying. I called Calumet today and they were not able to give me a quote for the repairs. I don't even really feel like spending the money to fix this camera at the moment mainly because I was already in the market for a NEW CAMERA.

BUUUUTTT we'lll seeee.....

Here's a few new random pics I found on my flickr.