by Kenny on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

man our president is pretty funny...

"eyyy man...can i borrow yer computer?"

SF Chill

by Kenny on Monday, March 28, 2011

Today i finally got to do some riding on my new bike. Reaaally realllly reminded me of back in the days when i only got around on a bike. Luckily it was a nice day today (up until some rain in SF later that night). Gears are great, after riding a fixed gear and bmx around, you totally see how a geared bike is most efficient.

here are some left overs from Alameda Theater

so this was going to be a really cool photo, i was standing below those steps and the dog was just peeking over. Well some people freaking had to come and be all "awww look at this cute doggy!" and take him away from me. bastards.

arriving at Japantown, i stopped by the Kendama competition, very cool


hung out with Natalie and Les for a little bit, don't worry nat we cant see your bra....

some recent INSTAGRAM uploads:

Navy Base and Hang out

by Kenny on Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today i took some new photos of my bike, hung out with Winnie a little bit, uhh, yeah thats about it.

OH AND I SAW the movie Sucker Punch and i really thought i was going to like it, from past experiences i was never able to trust movie reviews saying the movie was bad, but i end up liking it....

THIS WAS NOT THE CASE...the movie was really boring, graphics were pretty cool but damn, that wasnt good enough, story line was horrible!

alameda navy base <3

jet packin

New Bike Day

by Kenny on Saturday, March 26, 2011

After picking up a BMX few months back, i now realize how hard it is to commute the way i used to on that. it is not easy, but not impossible. Lately i've been missing getting back on that saddle and considering driving my car less (i do 60 miles every day to and from work).

Today browsing through craigslist i found this awesome deal on this Nishiki road bike, great condition.

here's a quick pic shot in my room, ill take some better photos tomorrow. But very excited to finally start riding again. Don't care much for fixed gear but this would be nice to get around on. Even came with a brand new Turbo saddle

Off the grid and SF

by Kenny

Tonight hit up OFF THE GRID in SF Fort Mason again. Finally got my fix of CREME BRULEE CART since they sold out on me last week, and also curry up now CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA burrito. Yes they are fucking awesome. Peters Kettle Corn and Senor Sisig taco was also on my list, very good.

coming down my stairs

cloudy, but no rain!

yield to me.


yes sarsi and royal, brings me back to the Philippines T__T

Random photos on the way home: