2/24 - Q45 today

by Kenny on Thursday, February 24, 2011


went along with jon to shoot some pics of Marks Q45 in Burlingame. The car is pretty basic so far, Airrunner, K-break, Ame, vinyl wrap.


2/22 - Hawaii Trip

by Kenny on Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yess took me a while to finally get around to editing my pics from Hawaii. Weather was great, spent good time with friends and very successful Hella Flush Hawaii event. Thanks to Mark and everyone for such an awesome trip. Ill get to it with the pics.

im too lazy to put these in order so its going to be just random

grubbin' at Giovannis, possibly better than Boiling Crab!

sup guys!

cool guy

me n paul

me daniel and max

trying to cop an UPSHORTS with Lants at his BBQ, thanks man!

one of my favorite cars @ hellaflush

yes, someone else with a corolla wagon that also bmx's

2/22 - Fatlace Word Up video

by Kenny


As usual another sick video by Phil of FATLACE WORD-UP drift event. Theres a little clip of me @ 2:22, still not drifting that great but at least the engine problems has been solved. For a while now during high rpm's, i was getting barely any power, and tons of bogging. Turns out my fuel filter+fuel pump were shot to hell. Now if i can just find myself an extra set of rear leaf springs so i can double up and stiffen up my rear, everything should be good.

2/17 - Hawaii Teaser

by Kenny on Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Been a bit busy to edit my photos from my Hawaii trip. I did get to upload this short video of Paul Kimiko and I feeding these koi fish @ Dole Plantation.

(also the lady laughing @ 00:14 makes me lol)

heres a few random instagram photos i took recently:


by Kenny on Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I will be heading off to Hawaii til' Monday for HellaFlush along with many of my friends and work. Exciting! Hopefully there will be no tsunamis this year...