1/27 - New Goggles

by Kenny on Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thanks a fucking ton to Lorenze for the huge hook ups with the Oakley Splice goggles.

When i first went up to the snow, i didn't really think i needed goggles. You get to the snow, and ur eyes are just blinded by the sun and reflection. Give it some time and you adjust but it really makes u think, that all those harmful rays are still hitting your eyes and its just that you've gotten used to it. Last time i went up i used my friends loaner goggles and they worked amazing, i had to get some nice ones for myself.

1/22 - Chinese ichat

by Kenny on Saturday, January 22, 2011


gettin our chinese ichat on...

tims mom, tim
my mom, me.

1/18 - Fatlace Word Up event

by Kenny on Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Another monthly Fatlace Word Up drift event.

here are some photos:

awesome FC

this dope ass truck was there


bang bang bang ;)

1/18 - Tahoe attempt in my car...

by Kenny


So i decided to take MY car to go snowboarding this weekend. Took a chance because honestly i wasn't feeling 100% sure on my cars reliability yet.

sum this up real quick, valve cover gasket was loose (from what i researched on, it could have been because of the seafoam i used in the oil that may have cleared up some oil sludge under the valve cover that may have lead to leak) that caused oil to spill into spark plug valley and into spark plug (didnt know that at the time of course).

popped out the spark plugs, dried the oil off of them. drove another 10-15 miles down the road, pull over to check plugs again...DRY! awesome....i go ahead and continue to tighten them back in, when one breaks off completely! DOH. called up a tow truck, he tows me about 10 miles and tells me that he bets he can get that thing out.

HE DOES, thats when i pick up a spark plug..AND IM ON MY WAY! pretty awesome. I figured out why the spark plug broke also, since my extension tool for my spark plugs is just barely long enough, i tend to tighten it at a slight angle so it doesnt hit the top of the valve cover. Doing this puts an awkward pressure on the spark plug which caused it to break in half.

in Placerville

Circa 1935

truck on the bed

on the way home

realized i never had any shots of my engine bay, well here it is...very ugly but it works!

1/16 - New Exhaust

by Kenny on Sunday, January 16, 2011


Got a new custom exhaust done @ performance options/joey.

2.5 inch piping from header back. no cat. dual magnaflow tip.

photo taken by tim, but believe it or not....this was shot outside with using only my Bayco flash light i previously bought!

1/13 - My amazing visit to MQQNEYES

by Kenny on Thursday, January 13, 2011


When going down to LA, one spot i wanted to visit was MOONEYES in Santa Fe Springs. Luckily this place is only 15 minute drive away from Little Tokyo.

not sure if you can tell, but i was pretty excited to be here.

here are some shots of the retail store. Oh yea before i continue, i was so stumped about this spot because it was hard for me to find information on it (yelp/interweb) that a mooneyes retail store existed. their yelp page only has 1 review.

kid in a candy store..mm-hmm! I can only imagine visiting the Japan store.

Here's when things get a little more exciting. I was led outside to this guy who gave us a tour to this place!!! It was really cool, he explained to us how almost everything was made there.

Funny thing is he knew me by name, apparently he's familiar with my many many orders i've made from them.

heres another exciting part. he showed us their TOYOTA CROWN which i also saw at JCCS this year, fucking NIIIIIICE!!!!

1/12 - Back from LA!

by Kenny on Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was in LA from last Friday til Tuesday (today) for the Illest grand opening in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA. Just to sum it up real quick, it was HUGE success!!! Had a ton of fun in LA hanging out with everyone and going to MOONEYES which i will cover more of later. I was a little bit bummed at first because i was really looking forward to going snowboarding on that Saturday but hopefully this Sunday i'll be going, day after WORD-UP. I took a bunch of photos but many on my memory card and a mixture of Jon's which he has with him. whatever though my 1 memory card will get the point across.

Tim brought me over to "THE HAT", my first time coming here.

yes it was HELLA good...why dont they make one of these up here???

view from our hotel miyako

tim chillen

jan chillen

Here's when it starts, friday night 8pm, people already start lining up!

illest party, with Del, buku and Fashawn performing. place is paaaacked!


wraps around the corner!