10/19- Random photos

by Kenny on Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here's some random photos of recently.

Thanks to Mark + Oakley for these sweet b-1b grips. I never actually heard about these but after some research i learned a bit about these grips:

The B-1B is one of the more sophisticated grips ever engineered. Highlighted by a special tread found within and on the surface of the grip, it enabled a high level of adhesion to the handlebars and the rider’s hands. Other elements found on the B-1B, such as the neoprene/lycra flange, aid with blister prevention making it one of the most complete grips in the world of BMX.This special and extremely limited edition remake is comprised of a newer, softer rubber compound and in order to maintain integrity of original pieces for collectors, a 2010 stamp is embossed on the end of the grips. This is the first release of 5 colors, which will be dropping approximately every month, with 500 sets of each

new toys @ work. its nerf or nothin!

Fit F.A.F. and Animal pedals

10/12 - Marks S14 BLACKTRAX TUNE

by Kenny on Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok decided to stay up and just make a quick edit of what i filmed tonight. Stopped by Blacktrax in Milpitas to check out Mark's S14 tuning+dyno.

10/12- Thunderhill Pix

by Kenny


Went to Thunderhill with Jan+Erika+Summer over the weekend. Here are some pics.

more pics of erika..

me driving erikas

photo from sean, while i was filming jan do circles around me.

Also here's a teaser pic of video i gotta do right now, Marks s14 tuning @ blacktrax from tonight:

10/11 - Jan Circles 240sx

by Kenny on Monday, October 11, 2010


Me filming Jan doing circles around me in Erika's car.

Jan doing circles


erikas 240sx.

10/8 - Alameda Classic Car Show

by Kenny


Hit up the Alameda classic car show on Saturday. Many many nice Classics, very Alameda style.

10/6 - random image(s)

by Kenny on Wednesday, October 6, 2010


random image (iphone4) from my dinner tonight @ Gypsies in Berkeley.


random images from memory card from recent:

also got this new sex toy in

my current wallpaper (wish i could go!)

click here for it to be yours!


photo of the bmx i picked up.