9/30 - The Fatlace Paddock opening video

by Kenny on Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fatlace Paddock with Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Extra footage provided by Satostudios.com

9/29 - ordered a new bike

by Kenny on Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Been itchin' for a BMX bicycle for the past few months and finally came around to picking one up. I was lurking craigslist for a little while, my price budget was only $200-$300(MAYBE 350?) but from what i could find on craigslist, it seemed like a better idea to just buy new from Danscomp.

What i came up with? the Verde Cadet:

At first i added to cart just to see how much it would come up with.

The cool part about Danscomp is that they have coupon codes you can find online. Free shipping, 15-20% off, $20 off over $100 orders. Well i saved a hefty -$40 with the -15% off code which ended up at $260 shipped! Now i will be expecting a new toy within the next few days. =)

9/28 - New Wagon Photos

by Kenny on Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yogi from LA stayed up here and took some photos of my car at the navy base. Thanks for the awesome pics. The car of course still has work but i am satisfied visually for the moment.


9/28 - FATLACE CLASSIC recap

by Kenny


Fatlace Classic drift+show event just passed on Saturday. It was a reallllly good turnoout. Keep a look out because Bay Area drifting may be back! Ive been up editing these pics for some stuff and what not and they'll be used for multiple sites possibly so i didnt watermark them or anything but whatever. Also thanks Alex for the lens rental lol.

big big props to MATT for making this fucking clone copy of the FATLACE PADDOCK! how crazy is this?...and hes not even done yet.

9/24 - Car Update

by Kenny on Friday, September 24, 2010


Soooo finnnnally after long long time, im not even going to go into details. I have finally came up with some coilovers thanks to Performance Options.

All iphone photos:

bright ass orange lol.

Ill take some better pictures but here are a few i took today:

i think it looks a bit lower in person, but this height should be perfect when i swap the tires from 45's to 50's.

Also this is what i had for a snack, and it was surprisingly really good:

9/19 - Day @ Japantown

by Kenny on Sunday, September 19, 2010


Worked with Tim at the store today for the first time, much fun and hectic. It was also the New People 1st year anniversary festival so got to check that out too. Here are some stolen pictures from Tim

9/19 - C10 from Tatsuya Japan

by Kenny


Tatsuya sent over some pics to me of this siiiiiiick ass C10 4dr.

thanks tatsuya!


by Kenny on Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Living in the East Bay, i have always passed by that big PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS building for a long time now. Always wondered how it was behind those gates, who isn't a Pixar fan??? Thanks to Edgar, a friend that I have met recently offered me and my co-workers to take us around the Pixar studio! It was like a dream come true!

There were a lot of things i wasn't able to take pictures of because photography wasn't allowed.

look familiar?

dont mind me, just working on my car

After roaming around a bit, this place does not go cheap one bit, there are Apple displays everywhere, take a look at that furniture. Even scooters laying around all over incase you dont feel like walking around! How cool is that?

This was one of a few "RENDERFARMS" they had. Basically a room full of CPU's just for rendering, crazy!

even the shipping dept. looked cool!

sound studio, actors come in here to do their voices and autograph this wall

the female restroom was bo peep silhouette

No Cristal in here, but Pixar does have a few bars!

ALSO i got to see the REAL LIFE RUSSEL! He's actually in his 30's-40's that works at Pixar.

Again, thanks EDGAR for this AMAAAAAAAZING opportunity to tour PIXAR ANIMATION!