8/29 - Targa Trophy SF

by Kenny on Sunday, August 29, 2010


Went to the Targa Trophy in SF yesterday. Targa Trophy was this event thats somewhat like the gumball rally. Took place at The W hotel in SF, ended up in Newark hours later. Went in Felix's Kenmeri Skyline, along with Marks Hakosuka and Leslie in the bmw wagon support vehicle. This event kinda reminds me of alleycat races on bicycles, but done with cars. Images below start from beginning of the day to the end.

8/26 - Kenmeri & Hakosuka

by Kenny on Thursday, August 26, 2010


These two cars are one of my top favorite cars (jealous!) ever. Hakosuka especially but i love what Mark has done to his. Snapped a few pictures with my Ricoh that i never ever use anymore but it seems to be only good for black & white photos.

8/26 - random images

by Kenny


just some random images from my camera

driving next to Jan on 880

driving next to Jan on 880 again

My Autometer Tach shitted out on me (its really old) recently so i happen to find the same one (but newer and NEW condition!) for $50 shipped on Club4ag. I like the "autogage" (lower end from Autometer) they have a more old look/feel to them.

downloaded SCOTT PILGRIM for PS3 the other night, dope game...now i just need time to play!

my POV on the way home from work. San Mateo Bridge

8/24 - Autoplus

by Kenny on Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Mark had me stop by Autoplus in San Mateo yesterday. This place is pretty cool! iPhone4 photos...

escort rs

aw shiiieeeeet dope lol DA SAKK IS STILL FATT

Random Photo

firebird equip???


Also thanks Tatsuya for the Mooneyes JP package!!! Gotta love the attention to detail from their "mail order". Not sure why it included the 50yen?

8/19 - Scott Pilgrim

by Kenny on Thursday, August 19, 2010


I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World tonight and damn, this movie may not be for everyone but I have to say, i finally watched a movie that felt like it was suited for me.

At first when i saw the trailer on TV i didn't think much, it wasn't up until i saw a few trailers on youtube where i got really interested. Then when other friends of mine saw it and recommended it.

Totally done up comic and video game style. I LOVEEEED the movie and for sure am going to buy it when it comes out (keep in mind i dont buy any movies, except kill bill).
Only thing about this movie that it may not be for you is if you live in a box, if video games, art or comics and design have no meaning to you...or if your a poodle.

Also check out Ramona (the girl with the purple hair in the image above)

looks totally different!

8/17 - LA Part 1

by Kenny on Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Too lazy to edit all the pictures from LA right now but here's PART 1

Took a road trip to LA with Max, Jan, Les, Scott this weekend.

FIRST THING WE DID?...eat at Daikokuya, dude this has to be one of the best ramen i have ever had.

Jan yoyo master

craving ramen now are you?

Yogi took us "sight seeing" around and we hit up Rob Dyrdek fantasy Factory and i saw this outside.

@ lacma

this place is so cool!

random accident

the start of Nisei Festival...