5/31 - Test Video

by Kenny on Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally got my Indislider in thanks to Phil. I haven't had the time to mess with it much yet but here's a little test video.


by Kenny

Another awesome weekend thanks to my friends. This weekend was Bay Area Classics yoyo competition in Golden Gate Park. This is the 3rd BAC i have attended but the first one where i have been most active with yoyo'ing.

B A C!

tim lookin crazy!

me with Jon Rob and his signature yoyo.

This kid came up to us shaking his string all crazy but there was no yoyo on it lol




pokemon shoes r nice

So Tim had this idea of putting Paul's face on sticks and cheering him when he went up. Such a fuckin awesome idea and worked great.

Sup Paul E!

Bulbasaur on the right lol...



went to Tina's grad last week, congrats on everything!

feeding some crazy SJSU squirrels

my new yyf/jonrob yoyo. Thanks Matt+Paul

CHECK OUT THE BEGINNING (AND THE REST!) of this video, you can see us holding the Paul Han faces lol..

5/25 - SYTFU BBQ

by Kenny on Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Saturday i was able to make it to the SYTFU BBQ @ San Leandro Marina.

this ones for THE blake

5/24 - Pictures by Tim

by Kenny

Another awesome weekend as usual, (next week will be even more awesome, BAY AREA CLASSICS+FANIME).

Pictures from Tim since i didnt have my cam, Yoyo meet-up in SJ and hang out.


TACO..also in the future, i perfer tacos that have a not so super-crunchy shell, u bite into it and that shit just falls apart!

black gaiz

so homo, it was Paul's idea lol

spinnerrrsssss UGHHH

KOREA HOUSE, thanks Paul/Kim


i love how korean places give u so many different types of

HONEYBERRY Cupertino, good ROTI

5/21 - R/C Update Levin Coupe

by Kenny on Friday, May 21, 2010

Painted the Yokomo Levin Coupe i got from Genkidori today.

Had to hit it with 1 light layer of white and the rest with yellow. Probably looks better in the photos than in person but who cares, this thing is gonna get bashed up.

image from Tim, we found this google maps icon @ SF

muahaha eating Jollibee, mmm.

having HELLA fun on Tim's roof