4/29 - Hellaflush Hawaii

by Kenny on Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thanks to Phil for this super dope coverage video of Hellaflush Hawaii, nice choice of music to video as usual.

Quick dirty edit of the Hella Flush show in Hawaii

Song Title- Mouthful of Diamonds
Artist- Phantogram

4/28 - Quick Update

by Kenny on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

heres a blog in ONE MINUTE because i need to sleep!

finally finally finally finished up my room, very happy after a long time of wanting wood floors its all done!

Also finnnaaallly fully finished up my r/c, basically what i have been doing lately and been waiting for my r/c drift pals to get together and finally have some tandem action =D

Here's some random pictures from today from tim.

stupid screw keeps coming loose, needs loctite

needs CS!

anyone automatically looks like a geek when playing r/c's


delivery from PATXI'S. MY FAVORITE

jan bringing down the blinds


4/20 - Quick RC update

by Kenny on Tuesday, April 20, 2010


my room is going to be empty by the end of tonight, finally getting my dirty old ass carpet pulled and onto WOODEN FLOORS!!!

New R/C update:

Novak Ballistic 8.5T and Spectrum Dx2.0 (thanks rob) put in. Don't mind the wires all this is still new.

thanks christian for the Hyperdrift decals.

now only thing waiting...is freaking pinion gear and lipo battery.....ughhhhh!!!

4/14 - Long Beach Part 2

by Kenny on Wednesday, April 14, 2010

continuation of my Long Beach weekend.

ive always been amused over custom license plates. "CUL HWIP" family guy.

very cool!

i lol'd

check out that wing

cart wheel on track

scooter race

yoyo'in it up!



So let me explain this next part. Recently Mark picked up a 1972 Nissan Skyline, crazy right?...one of my favorite cars ever. This is quite amazing to me because of all the cars out there, this has got to be one that really gets me going. 8====D~

ama-zing, even more so in person!

never in my life would i have thought id get an opportunity to drive one!!!

Leslee on Yogi's low rider bike

haulmark...back to the bay!

4/13 - Long Beach PART1

by Kenny on Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This weekend I headed out to Long Beach for Formula D.

Headed out on Friday noon caravan with Ron and Suzie from San Jose.

Suzies STI, crazy thing is that her car, is only 1 inch from the ground literally...nuts! And how they drive this thing?....even crazier, so freaking hardcore but u just gotta be there to witness it. props to you!

rolling shot on the way

Arriving @ LB, driving on the traaaack!

first night, some of the cars staged for Hellaflush

here is my red bean and rice with chicken, from ROSCOES Chicken and Waffles. This was my first time at this place, pretty good.

our hotel right across the street from the track


Day2, the drifting begins.

Long Beach track sucks a bit for drift photos and ill tell you why. Only so many spots to shoot from mixed with tons of photographers...not a good mix. Since i decided i wasn't going to take too many drifting photos, i decided to go with a more conservative shutter speed but the angles that were available to capture with were quite decent.

only spot the zoom lens came in handy


fatlace/illest/HF hpi decals

......MORE TOMORROW.......