3/30 - New Table

by Kenny on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've been wanting to redo my entire room lately, but finished one big step today...Picked up a new table from IKEA. Found pretty much what i was looking for, wooden, long, simple. This way Leslee and I can work on our computers on a table instead of her on the bed like usual lol.

This photo was also taken by Leslee's new camera, Nikon S8000.

Leslee's been in the market for a new point and shoot. This camera is pretty good for $300! Shoots 720HD with VR and ED Glass which is a great plus (something ill probably play around with =D) I think a point and shoot camera will fit her well

Here is an older image of my room, maybe ill take new pictures later when everything is all cleaned up.


by Kenny on Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today was the first Yo-Yo Class/Club thing by Paul held in San Jose @ Barefoot Coffee. Nice turnout, will probably be going to every Sunday class =D. Great learning new tricks in person and watching others.

you gotta see this in person, pretty crazy lookin what u can do with it.

learnin Johns new trick so he can use it against him at the next BAC (lol)

and here's alex amazed....but at the same time thinking about Pauls mom.


Afterward headed to Kinokuniya/Mitsuwa to grab some lunch...

saw this cool bug in the parking lot

buying a bottle of CURRLY RAMUNE..not so good idea, yes it tasted just like what it sounds.

Thanks paul!

chillin at a fountain on Santana Row...so peaceful....lol


by Kenny

Today went over to Fast Pace Racing over in San Jose. This place usually runs mini r/c races but hosted todays RC drift event. Many people brought their rcs out to battle it out on this indoor track, pretty intense! A bit tough taking photos of these rc's indoor but here's what i got:

Thanks Rob and FPR for throwing this awesome event!

3/25 - mostly food

by Kenny on Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a quick food update =P

So i had boiling crab agian, already. Guess im kinda addicted, i wouldn't mind going back again already!

my friends sitting in the table across from uuusss!!!


so they opened up a La Vics in Hayward. Today i tried it out, pretty good!

2x as good with the orange sauce! its like the mexican siracha!

afterwards we hit up SONICS which opened up just a few minutes down on Mission Blvd.

heres spikey, hes gay, i mean drunk.

leslee TRYING to lay down

theres spikey trying to reenact the Walmart night.

Reeses thing



I dont listen to korean music but recently leslee got me hooked on this song:

3/22 - Snowboard Video

by Kenny on Monday, March 22, 2010

Just browsing through some of my old vimeo LIKES i came across this again, so sick!

Riders: Fredrik Evensen, Tom Klocker, Shayne Pospisil and Daisuke Honso.
Locations: Tokyo, Alts Bandai, Sapporo, Hokaido

3/17 - RIP Nujabes

by Kenny on Thursday, March 18, 2010

I personally don't discuss music much although i listen to many many types of genres. One of my favorites has always been listening to beats such as Nujabes. I still remember when Leslee sent me his album from Samurai Champloo. So so good, very sad to hear he has passed away.

Rip Jun Seba, really sucks because you had music I actually felt like i could say that was the type of music i listened to, i dont feel like i can say that about a lot of music out there.

This is the one of my favorite songs:

3/18 - Cleanest BMW

by Kenny

Today i met one of Mark's old friend Alvin. Mark told me to come out and check out his BMW, i had no idea it was going to be something like this! Soooo freaking clean! Apparently he did this thing from the ground up and it really shows.

seriously something you don't see everyday

awesome interior color

not only does it look good, this thing sounded sick too