1/27 - updated photo

by Kenny on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Updated photo 1/27/10. New stickers and relocated plate

Today Phil came down to Japantown to film Tim do some fixie-shietttt.

this is not a bike



1/25 - lol, hangook black belt

by Kenny on Monday, January 25, 2010

1/21/10 - Hino

by Kenny on Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hino, don't know too much about them but i have seen their semi trucks in pictures before. Check this Hino i saw from RACER86. So sick

1/19 - Xander!

by Kenny on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

please inspire me! lets dowit!

girl @ 1:24, crazy

2009 Summer session in Japan

Featuring Chihiro Azuma, Eiji Sakihara, Katsuhiko Sagata, Soichiro Kanashima, Teppei Imaoka, Toru Shirai, Yoshiki Kimura, Yuta Yori, Yuto Goto

Edit by Soichiro Kanashima

Check that out!!


1/17 - superbikes

by Kenny on Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recently picked up this magazine from Borders, "Superbikes 40 Glorious Years". This magazine is pretty awesome, for once I'm not actually ONLY looking at pictures because it is filled with very interesting information of many popular bikes from the past years. Reading about all the tech-advances from old bikes to current make you realize how advanced things have gotten. I'm still reading on the 1970's bikes but can't wait to modern ones.

Alameda South Shore

Also my fucking motorcycle key has gone missing...my ONLY copy. It wasn't like I misplaced it. I remember putting it on my carabiner last. I check now and its gone, my fault for not having spares. Looks like I gotta remove the ignition and take to locksmith now. Another problem is that I'm so broke right now, that i can't even afford to have the key made lol (probably would cost about $50). Well, at least its raining for the next 7+ days.

Made Yuta's Shakotan Z on Forza3 yesterday. Ghetto screenshot but you get the idea.

1/13 - Random Photos Today

by Kenny on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Felt kinda camera happy today and took some photos from around me today.

Rented MOON from redbox today, seems like an interesting movie, probably going to watch this right after i finish this entry =D

on my way to SF

on my way to SF2


this coin that was left over from Philippines, it was the exact shape of a quarter!

unfortunately this meter was smart enough, it did not work lol

Forgot how fun it was to play with yo-yo's!

oughhhh taking a dump

Max likes this picture...GREEN!

"9 car Richmond train now boarding"

1/10 - Philippines PART 3

by Kenny on Sunday, January 10, 2010

There will still be a few more parts to go, but i am over half way done.

Here's me and some TRUE PINOYS!

These kids in the PI are very fun to take pictures of. They love posing for pictures and have so much fun.

This one is having a ball! I like how the bar perfectly covers his dick


buko cart

aww shiet hella flush too!

ooo damn illest jollibee delivery???

beer na beer!


sean chan

I'd like to see this place open up a shop in the States

this is on New Years Eve, hanging with one of Leslees cousin

New years in the PI: That shit is nuts!!! It's like a war going on with explosions going off all around you. Nothing like you'd see in the states. I took some video footage i will probably put up when i have time.

happy new years!

hair lost!

This was taken over by Mall of Asia, apparently the LARGEST mall in ASIA. Right next to it is this location that reminds me a LOT like Fishermans Wharf. We even had bomb ass seafood there for cheap, sarap talaga!

This was taken at this amusement park type of place called STARCITY. This was a very enjoyable place....POGI BA KO?

jack + poy lol

more san miguel

so ill sit....?

Mr.Croatia lol

Anyone needa ride?