7/30/09 - More goodies from JP.

by Kenny on Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanks to Karou:

SFからのカールッペ☆ and

for my new saddles!

cool Keirin poster


7/29/09 - goodies from JP

by Kenny on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Yu came back from Japan, it was really hard to say bye to Zum today after spending a little over 2 weeks with him. When i was closing the door behind me, i felt like he knew it was the last time i was going to stay there, so sad!

While Yu was in Japan, i specifically requested one thing:


Also some magazines including LOOP!

check this out, his new frame from Starfuckers. I haven't seen this one before, apparently its not on their website or anything. Hard to tell in the picture because of the way the frame is sitting, but the seat tube is slightly curved at the bottom, pretty cool!

also the previous night, had another bomb ass get together dinner @ Tim's, im stealing your pictures cause im too lazy to upload mines.

ribs, yeah thats what we had, and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

home made mac n cheese, black people style apparently?


OH and if you're wondering how the Ramune Kit-Kat taste, its magical.

7/26/09 - CUM!

by Kenny on Sunday, July 26, 2009

copied from no casettes:

There’s only 1 San Francisco viewing and limited seating, so pick up your tickets at Box Dog Bikes Starting Tuesday July 28 to reserve yourself a seat or take your chances and line up at the theatre starting at 7pm. The theatre is on 6th and Mission st.

No Cassettes DVDs ($20) will be on sale at the premier and there will also be a raffle ($2/Ticket or $5 for 3). We’re trying to get a race and trick comp together as well as PBR to sponsor the event (unconfirmed as of now) so make sure you don’t tire yourselves too much at the Fremont race if you’re goin. So come on out and have a good time with some friends & please leave the drama at home!

Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-7576

7/25/09 - new bike

by Kenny on Saturday, July 25, 2009

About a month ago i bought a Starfuckers from Japan. Just got it in this week, i have to admit, i am pretty happy to get a new track bike since it has been about 2 years of owning my Bridgestone. My Bridgestone has been finished from the paint shop, slapped on the cranks+wheels onto my Starfuckers so i can have some fun with it. I can't afford to build up both bikes since i am saving for vacation in October so i will ride only one or the other.

Took some pictures today in front of Tea Garden @ GG. Park. The gay thing is that it was super fuckin foggy (thanks Edsel for your sweater, saved my life!!) and made a lot of the pictures come out foggy as well!

oh, and check out Chris's invisible top tube lol:

7/23/09 - Dinner

by Kenny on Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks to everyone that cooked dinner for me tonight...it was AMAZINGGGGGG~! Especially since i haven't eaten since 1pm!

[Tims photos]

7/22/09 - Risky Devils

by Kenny on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today Mark and the Risky Devils from Chicago came down to San Francisco before they head off to All-Star Bash in Socal. Great to meet them, really love their blog and cars! Sorry to hear about your 180sx man!....u will have to come back again!

7/22/09 - girl @ the video game store

by Kenny

and Kevin Pereira on the drums.

7/20/09 - Ken doggggg

by Kenny on Monday, July 20, 2009


juxtaposer app; leslee

7/14/09 - I GOT SERVED....soft serve!

by Kenny on Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the way home today, very very randomly bumped into Brandon just after getting off work with him. Met him up on Irving and he showed me this free soft serve coupon @ baskin robins thanks to SLICKDEALS.

heres the first picture of me with my FREE soft serve

here's me with one of those toilet plungers where the handle kinda reminds me of a dildo

here's me with YUM YUM FISH

here's me with 'bicycle riding prohibited on sidewalk'

here's me with a real life viking

here's me wid some azn's

here's me with a "89' M3"



7/14/09 - Interesting things

by Kenny

Today was my first early wake up with Zum, took him for a walk, actually was up early to eat breakfast, its great! Took about 35 minute ride from the apt to work, nice route too.


Check it out...the original GHOST BUSTERS car for sale on EBAY, $45,000, seems like its worth every penny!


JULY 19TH, Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament @ GOLDEN GATE PARK. 4P-6P



7/14/09 - new home for the next 2 weeks

by Kenny

For the next two weeks i will be staying at my buddy Yu's place in SF, Sunset, watching his apt and dog Zum.

"Thinking of Yu...and humping..."

Thanks for everything Yu, Zum will call you soon! Have fun in Japan!

7/10/09 - Scott, Mel, Max

by Kenny on Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today Scott and Mel came over to help me fix my Accord so i can finally get rid of it. Things went pretty well. Hung out together, met up with erika for a bit, and grabbed lunch with Max. Took some pics of Scott's Cressida.