Good day.

by Kenny on Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a good day kuz im so stoked that this slow ass computer (512mb ram) that ive been using at work...its HELLLLLLA slow. anyways i installed a 2gb ram this week and FIXED photoshop!!!

Well today i would like to share my lunch with you, not literally, but you can have some if you’d like ;)

KRABBY PATTIES! They're all connected so you can actually eat them as one long burger.

Om gonna finish my lunch now. brb.

Tilt shift edit

by Kenny on Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to Edsel, gave me a tutorial on tilt shift editing on photoshop.

here are my first few attempts:

Pic from Japanese Classic Car show.

The rest are from google, i really don't have any suitable pictures.

toy japs

speedhunters lol.

Pics from Henry.



SF n shit

by Kenny on Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today after work decided to kill some time and ride up to Twin Peaks in SF. Okay i never been there before so i really had no idea where i was going. I google mapped twin peaks from japantown and didn't bother looking at the map. Welllll it i ended up making a big stupid circle down to Downtown, all the way down market and up 17th which was a steep ass hill, then down stanyon. Not only that, but i ended going up the wrong hill to get up to the viewing area.

Came out bad, but i would like to try again sometime around sunset.

Before i go on, i had bought a box of Gushers recently, you know, the fruit snacks. Well i looked inside my box today and i found a credit card inside. i was like Oooo whaaaaat? yeah i really said that. okay so i look at it n all and its basically a prize, i won a $5 discovery card. I go on and log in to register it, and bam, $5 bux!

So i met up Jensen, Mike, and Rob in Alameda at starbucks and this is what i bought with my GUSHERS CARD:

Helllllaaaa cool. I told the story to the lady at starbucks too, thats how cool it was. Check out my name on the card, it says "WINNER". i really wish i could refil the money in that card and use it more, would be so funny to rock a Gushers card.

Some Bart Shots:

you see a white line under this picture? thats because i cropped the picture bad and forgot the background of my page isnt white so now you can totally see it, but now it adds charactor right? =]

going back; when i arrived in Alameda i hit up this "NEW" yogurt place [lol] called uhhh:

yeah it was pretty good, still cant top YOGURTLAND tho.

My ka i bi gan ko's

Rob touching himself [he's not but it totally looks like it huh?]

Mikes blinged out rear wheel and my front.


by Kenny on Saturday, January 24, 2009

Went bowling in SJ on Thursday night @ 300 with Tina Alex Les.

Tina + Les


Les and i, and alex in the back lol.


Friday i hit up the new Jollibee in Great Mall, that place is dope, nicest Jollibee I've been to, located right next to red ribbon too.



by Kenny on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not the type that is really into TV. I've lived with BASIC cable most of my life and been happy with it. Nick, Cartoon Network(adult swim =D), Comedy Central are pretty much the only channels i watch. Until i say about a year or 2 ago, i was introduced to a channel called G4TV. Well recently Comcast bought out Alameda Cable (which included G4 as a basic channel)

I basically fell in love with this channel. There aren't many channels out there that are fit for me, shit like MTV and shit just really isn't for me. G4 offers entertainment for minds like mine (and maby yours). They have shows such as Ninja Warrior, Unbeatable Banzuke, and my favorite....ATTACK OF THE SHOW (AOTS).

Kevin Perera and Olivia Munn are the hosts of this kick ass show. They basically cover everything from top 5 videos of the day via youtube, etc. Do interviews with youtube stars, cover new gadgets and future ones. It's not so much of the segments they cover on the show is what i love, but its also Kevin + Olivia's personality and charector on the show. If you watch this show one of the first things you might notice is how laid back this show is. I swear they just seem like theyre acting themselves and not reading cue cards.


another thing i have to add is that im hella gonna miss the stupid commercials they play on G4 such as Extenze and Dura last. sigh...Ill miss u kevin+olivia!

Top Doggg

by Kenny

Today I went to Berkeley to hang out and grab some Top Dog for lunch with Max.

It was kinda weird because Max showed up dressed like a pirate but its coo, i accept my friends on how ever they want to dress.


As you can tell i was using my 50mm lol.

some nice fART work.

I saw this plant that was growing the game i really wanted, R-type, and i quickly snagged it.

bush st. obama

by Kenny on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the beginning of the day i saw on LaughingSquid the OBAMA streets on Bush st.

This photo is from Laughing Squid, the reason why i didn't get a picture is because i went down Bush St. and i didnt even see shit! lol. i guess they must have taken them down by the time i went. Thought it was pretty cool how they did that though, theres a bunch of other pictures of this all over the web, even news articles.

Also today i saw this pretty crazy ass explosion outside of work. I hope everything is okay. I feel bad for the construction workers over there though, i hope they're alrite.

i got a BJ at Pinkberry

by Kenny

Today i went with James around a few places in SJ, but we did happen to stop by the new Pinkberry @ Santana Row. Long ass line, I saw hella these Pinkberry places in La before but never tried it.

I got medium sized Tart with 2 toppings, strawberry+kiwi. I gave them 3 stars on Yelp. I've been to a few yogurt places around and Pinkberry, being the major company, is probably the worst one. Reasons being is cause first of all, its not self serve. 2nd, $5 bucks is what i paid, for $5 you can get hella more @ Yogurtland (my fave). 3rd, they barely have any toppings+flavors (no mochi or marshmallow wtf). But good thing about this place, they have a really nice location and their setup is really nice.

For dinner Les took me to BJ's for the first time. She's always been telling me how this place is really good so we decided to go.

Oakridge Mall BJs

we ordered the medium chicken alfredo pizza, it was hella good. This place is pretty cool, i like the atmosphere.

Saw this on the freeway, he was cuttin everyone off, hella pwnd them.

This was early in the morning, leslee snapped a picture of Leon sleeping in the bed with me, this was not planned. I know this is an ugly ass picture of me but WUT EVAAA, ITS MY HOT BODY AND I DO WHAT I WANT!


by Kenny on Friday, January 16, 2009


Creepy tree.

by Kenny on Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before i get started i want to make a quick rant.

I hate those people that approach you on your bike (not everyone, but the ones that try to sound all smart) saying shit like "So whats with these brakeless bikes being so popular now, is this the new hype? U must be crazy. How do you expect to stop on this thing?" but its a tone of voice that i cannot say over the internet. I guess the way to put it is they say that in a way like you are a total dumbass for doing such a thing.


Today i had the day off so i pretty much spent the day in San Jose. I found this bike trail and i have no idea what the name is or where it led me to but i ended up through some woods and through a river somewhere, and i also passed by someones house that had a white horse in their backyard.

Some creepy tree

my bike and the tree


some snapshots i took of ATTACK OF THE SHOW. This is Olivia being a bad cat. Oh and the first picture is a cardboard cut out of her lol.