7/7/09 - Last few days on another planet

by Kenny on Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My weekend started off going to Valley Springs to Les's family's mansion type of place on top of this hill that is surrounded by wildlife, almost hit a fuckin' turkey driving there! Goats in the backyard (one of them had big horns and balls the size of your head [nojoke!]), chicken coop, swimming pool, biggest ants ive ever seen, some weird haunted looking cave with a cross next to it?...

this is how the trip started, stocked up on some snacks

Sarsi in a can!

Sometime over the weekend went to Terrence's place to chill.

These two guys i met are both loaded with broken arms, easily amused i am, i lulz


i believe on Sunday i hit up Sonic. I swear this place was 20x cooler the 1st time around, maby i just wasn't as hungry, its still always cool to go to this place.