poop attack

by Kenny on Thursday, October 30, 2008

So on my daily tunnel pass this morning, i stopped by to check out the poop spot and as i suspected, i found the guys turd! I was expecting it to be a hard one.

The bum spot

I guess he's against parental notification for abortions


by Kenny

on my way home. I go thru the Posey TubeAlameda>>Oakland and Oakland>>Alameda right.

[stolen from google]

Well instantly before u actually enter the tunnel, theres a little bum area off to the side. Usually it reeks of piss and garbage. Well today as i was passing that area up before entering the tunnel for a split second i took glance at this bum taking a shit and he looked up at me, he was squatting probably only 4 feet away from me. It was hella awkward and i think tomorrow when i ride past that spot im gonna look for his dookie. Also i've seen the same half eaten toll house ice cream sandwich on the floor for a while now, and today was the day it went missing. i hope no body ate it. I bet that guy ate and it made him take a crap.

i want to FIT in!

by Kenny on Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you guess what kind of car this is?

My guess was actually some type of new Benz, mostly because of the trimming and taillights but this is actually the new Honda Fit. Real sick! definitly feelin it.

Other news. . .

I took the caltrain for the first time from SF to SJ on Friday and what a deal it was! only $6 bucks took about an hour.

Check out this dope ass S13 i saw:

I been tagged?

by Kenny on Saturday, October 25, 2008

I been tagged.

The rules of tagging are:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post

Okay i dont have 6 people to send this to, also the fact jensen is the one that tagged me and he already tagged most of the people i would have sent it to so im going to just do this.

1. I did really bad in school, most of you guys wont believe me when i say that but school has never been my thing (not that its an excuse) but thruout high school i had a 1.8 average gpa and thruout senior year i had 0.5 gpa etc. I flunked senior year of high school and graduated from continuation.

2. I like turtles, no really..i do! i have 3 red eared sliders and one snapper

3. My mind is always wandering and curious about everything. Example, i just met my friend Edsel recently that moved up to SF from San Diego and i couldn't help asking him tons of questions, i feel retarded sometimes but i am so curious. Asking him things such as are there hella mexicans there since you're so close to mexico? Are there really those signs that show a family running across the street?

The answer is yes..they do.

4. I have no idea what im doing with my life, yet im not worried. Yeah i didnt do good in school, i have no career path. But i feel really confident that something will hit me one day and its not something that i worry about.

5. Material things make me happy. Lame? i dont know. It sounds lame but its the the specific type of things that make me happy. Buying a new computer for its capabilities, buying mp3 player to have joy of listening to music, bicycle parts for pleasure? You can say im a consumer. Especially when it comes to electronics or gadgets, i like to try things out and see how they work and feel, especially with technology advancing so quickly these days, its amusing to keep up with what technology has to offer.

6. I like turtles. jk. I have hella ice cream in my fridge cuz my sister works for dryers.

[7.] Leslee farts more than i do.

Quite Possibly

by Kenny on Thursday, October 23, 2008

the best candy evar.

When you thought HiChews couldn't get any better. it does. Think of it as Hichews, but with the gummys so its basically a normal Puccho's, but add a fizzy part in it and now u got the soda Puccho's that come in cola and ramune flavor. They're so good, im gonna buy some more tomorrow.


by Kenny on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nikon D90 Movie Test from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.
[please note that this is with HD off, i dont know how to embed bigger size with HD on]

Amazing video taken all with Nikon D90. I really need something other than windows movie maker..shit doesnt even work for me!!! =\

Premiere CS3

18-105mm VR (kit)
10-20mm 4-5.6 sigma
50mm 1.8D AF Nikkor


by Kenny on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday was James BBQ in San Jose and James's mom cooked up some Korean BBQ that was soo good. I think i can go for some right now!

Jeff's tatts

Sunday or Monday whatever, went to Berkeley to stop by East Bay Vivarium which is probably one of the most awesome reptile/animal store i've gone to. I swear i have to say that every time i mention this place cause its just that awesome.

On our way there Les and I stopped by Manhattan Bagel to pick up some mmmmmmmmmmm om nom nom bagels

Strawberry and Honey Almond.

This is my turtle tank setup as of now:

If you ever wonder whats in my freezer:

Something i really enjoy to eat...Ikea Sweedish Meatballs...mmmmmm...

Leslees new tatt:

Video of my turtles

I Like Turrtless from Kenny Chow on Vimeo.


by Kenny on Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is my friend i met from work, we had a chat about how i don't like eggplant and how he makes some bomb ass eggplant recently. So he decided to cook some up for me, it was a little bit sketchy at first eatin food this guy cooked me kuz this guys fuckin weird but what the hell.

him in his new dunks he just picked up lol.

Later at night hung out in UC with my homies.

Max looks like a freak lol

i love this picture, Homeboys face is priceless.

Don't mess with me! i gotta gun!..jk this is pauls rifle. pretty dope.

Funny story, i was telling this joke to Jensen and as he opened his mouth to laugh this bug flew into his mouth. Crazy huh? jk. u can read more about it on the side task bar of my blog under JENSEN, that is after i send him the pics lol.

WDYWT? My bare feet (dont make fun)

Max givin it to Nai Mien style

Check out Leslees new hairDOO. You can't tell in the picture but that shits like fire, as Rollie is demonstrating beside her.


Mikes sooo hot.

La Part. III - LOS ANGELES Conclusion

by Kenny on Friday, October 17, 2008

I've gotta make this quick cause I'm sooooo not in the mood. My little vacation to La was great. It was Leslee and my first time actually traveling, amazing huh after so long?

Here's Leslee lookin down our hotel floor

I bet 5000 other people have a picture with this wall

Photo courtesy of Leslee

Yeeeeeaaa, hometown baby!

This is Leslee and I in Little Tokyo, i really really like this place, it has a lot more stores and not to mention, MORE interesting things than Japantown SF and SJ

ORANGE20 bikes in La

Once i saw the name "MR.RAMEN" i knew i had to eat here.

Om nom nom nom and that place was hella good too! Wish i knew a place like this one around my hood.

I seen pictures of this online but i actually witness it in person. Thats me doin a leg over skid.

Leslee got some om noms at Yogurt Land, i know more of these are poppin up in the bay, i hope so, they're so good!

Sister Cities

Caltrans LA

We got a chance to stop by CITYWALK @ Universal Studios (which we will save for another trip). They got this cool little section that shoots water up kinda like what u see in Vegas but a mini sized one, and u can walk in it!

They got this dope ass hand dryer there, works soooo efficiently. Those regular hand dryers u see are so obsolete!

And finally, that big UV Studios globe. GREAT TIMES.


this guy is such a bad ass ahhaha

Fatlace Roadside Assitance

by Kenny on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So today on my way to work, right when i was getting near, going up Geary. A lady stopped me ON MY BIKE to change her FLAT TIRE. lol. i told her i had to go to work yet i couldn't fight the feeling to help her. So as I'm helping her change her tire i figured out she was Filipino cause she was on the phone and she was saying "something-something inchek something-something." im assuming she was telling someone that someone Chinese is helping her lol.

So we keep chatting as im changing her flat, she asks where i work and i told her Japantown. She then tells me she has a relative that owns a clothing store in Japantown and his name is Mark Arcenal, for those who don't know that's the owner of Fatlace lol. Turns out she's Marks aunt.

Small world huh?


by Kenny on Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Leslee+JCCS tix....CHECK!

Nice AW11, dont see these too often.

Leslee with R32 GTR, def don't see these often.

Clean Yaris

Taka Aono's 1jz Cressida Wagon, just happen to catch him pull up.

I hope you don't mind me hugging your Kei van