Leon in a bag

by Kenny on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't worry, he loves the attention.

Weekend Wrap-Up part 2

by Kenny on Monday, July 28, 2008

Over the past few days were pretty busy for me. Bicycle Film Fest, Hella Flush meet, Hanging out with my friends. Of course...All good times! This is pretty much gonnna be a few days worth of blogs all in one. Im not too much in a typing mood so im going to have to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Went to take some pics of Alex's ride with his new wheels. Super dope car, never seen so many features in a vehicle before. This is a true luxury car!

On 22's.

Victoria Theater

In line.

Saturday was Hella Flush in Burlingame @ Go-Kart Racer. Cool event and saw a bunch of old friends.

Don't see these everyday!

Marks bug...soooo sick!

On Sunday went to the Alameda Festival.

Alameda, represent!

Leslee x llama


Part 1: Boy looks at shit, chocolate?

Part 2: Boy steps in shit, chocolate?

Part 3: It's not chocolate, mom scrapes shit off shoes.

Some of the toys from Alex's house.

Pistol, ps3 controller, clip, baton, Guncon.

Sad Story

by Kenny on Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today i was just browsing the interweb for a while til' i stumbled across this thing about this cyclist that was hit by a car and passed away. It's always sad to hear about people that pass away but especially when they are the similar ethnicity and age as I am, as silly as it sounds, i guess it just feels like that could be me too. I had to sign up to Lafixed.com and Sdfixed.com to get the full story. Apparently from what im reading this guy seems like one of the nicest people you'd meet.

At first i really wanted to know the story about if he was wearing a helmet or whatever, or how the accident happened (u know how curious you can get about that shit) but as i continued reading, I just started to feel as if i knew that guy, Atip (his name). People started telling stories about times they had together, posting pictures of him and all. Touching stuff, i started to not really care about the situation except the fact that a life was lost.

The saddest part was reading the thread from page1. It basically starts off as his close friends stating that he was hit by a car and in critical condition in the hospital. For a while it sounded as if he was going to make it and everyone praying for a quick recovery, but when i read this post:

"hey everyone. i just got home from the hospital and still it is not good. just so you all know and can do whatever it is you have to do he's not going to make it even worse probably not through tomorrow." just made me feel so sad.

And then: "Atip passed away a few minutes ago. He had family and friends surrounding him, saying their goodbyes. He will be missed."

After reading all that I've read on the situation made me feel almost a tiny part of it. Guess it's a huge wake-up call for people to wear helmets+lights and ride safer. Bunch of posts of people saying how they're going to purchase helmets asap, sad that it took a life for people to realize it.

Tons of people came out to his candlelight memorial


by Kenny on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today i take a look at my turtles (I'm an owner of 3 red eared sliders for over 6 years) and i notice my turtle biting at some white object. Turns out it's an egg. I guess one of my turtles had an egg but this is actually the 2nd time. I believe the first time was an empty egg from what i heard that female turtles may lay empty eggs. Obviously this new egg is dead, but besides the fact that the turtle ate it, i hear they're infertile when laid in water. I kinda wish i could setup a tank with sand/dirt so she can lay her eggs properly but i really don't know if i can setup a tank and wait for who knows when for another egg to pop out. The time span between the first egg and the 2nd egg was over half a year. Sounds like something really fun and nice to do (even though i know my turtles will eat the baby turtles if they were to hatch) but i don't know if im up for it.

Ohhhhhhhhh snaps!

by Kenny

here's some snaps from today.

Ran into some protest today in Oakland by Broadway. Something about the port of Oakland safety shit. I forgot.



by Kenny on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Friday we decided to start up a bbq during night time at Union City landing where we always chill on friday nights. And it was a success! A few cops even stopped by wondering about the smoke but they found out it was just from the BBQ and didn't even trip! we even offered them food, which would have been funny if they ate with us but they had already eaten. It's great to have friends that are down with shit.


Kenji and Javier

AJ and Chun

Elvin and Jan!

Yeea..Yeeaa..now rub her back...OM NOM NOM!



one dope Fiat!

New day...yay!

by Kenny on Thursday, July 17, 2008

So I got a bunch of new toys today let me tell you what it is. First of all, Erik and Carl came into work today and Erik had bought some old Concor saddle off some dude today. I asked him if he perfers a Rolls saddle to possibly ignitiate some sort of trade. Turns out the Rolls saddle was what he was lookin for and we swapped saddles.

Later today i decided to hit up Auto-Freak in Japantown to pick up a new Broadway mirror. When i sold my Rx-7 i totally forgot to snatch my old Broadway mirror back so i had to get a new one.

There it is..in black-wooden trim! lol. There actually was this other one they had there, with diamonds in it, thought it looked kinda fancy but only problem was that it wasn't convex and convex kicks ass in longer cars.

When I came home today i found a shipment to me. It was my new cranks i ordered for my unicycle! So awesome cause the cranks i had on there before stripped while i was putting the pedals back on. Tough! These new cranks are just very slightly longer, ill see how i like them.

Came with that awesome bumper sticker too!!


by Kenny on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is a picture of me, in San Jose!

omggggg!!!. . .

look at all those vinyls!

[not my wheel]

Weekend Wrap-Up

by Kenny on Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's been a very great week so far, the weekend actually isn't even done yet and i have yet to see Paul since he's back from military camp.

Friday I went on a little east bay ride and went to Oakland Museum for this free art show party thing, the funny part is that while Jensen and I were locking up our bikes by the Koi pond, I happen to drop his lock into the pond. . .

As seen here. It had to be at least 4 feet deep. funny story.

Vintage pinball machine

My new Freight Baggage bag


U cannot pay me to wear this

High school photo retake

Urban midieval fighting

by Kenny on Friday, July 11, 2008

I seen these guys at Macarthur Bart station having a really really random fight. Hard to tell by the pictures but these guys were actually going at it pretty hard. From what i hear they go there almost everyday.

Sonniccc booom!



Hey look....im back!

by Kenny on Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey look, a new blog! Here's some pics i took today of Jensen (marble purple Makino) and Ron's bike (pista concept).

As much as this looked planned out, it was a coincidence!

Ron's bike is so photogenic.