Random Things

by Kenny on Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think one thing I love about SF is the most random shit you see when you're around. Take this for example:

Just a random group of pink bunnies (there were more of them not included in the picture). And this wasnt even easter lol.

O hai ther!

Saturday was The Hundreds opening party at the store. Pretty fancy and I love their designs on the store.

Vince + Aaron

Sunday was Alex and friends SYTFU bbq @ the Marina in SL. Big turnout with a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while.

they paid this guy $100+ to swim across the water lol!

There he geos..


Catholic Radio!

by Kenny on Friday, March 28, 2008

I seen this sign today that caught my eye. . .

hehe...faith. lol jk jk kace lol.

Checkkk me out! lol.. new shirts @ fatlace!!11!

Alex getting a beating

by Kenny on Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is a video i made tonight of Alex gettin a beating with Max's kendo stick.

New phone

by Kenny on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This is probably going to be the most typing im going to do on my blog, but take it as an official GOOD-BYE for my old cell phone.

This is the story about my Sony Ericson S700i. About 3-4 years back was when this phone first came out...I honestly thought it was the coolest cell phone out there.

Of course i wasnt able to get my hands on it yet. Well about a year or 2 later, my friend informs me that she's selling one. I hop on that shit super fast remembering the days i would drool over this phone. It might not have been the "hottest" phone at the time but i still thought it was awesome. So i did end up buying the phone from my friend for about $50 bucks. The phone has lasted me pretty much up until now. And i have to add, its been thru a loott. Many times where problems with the phone would occur and i thought its time was up but it hung in there and got over those problems. Infact, many of my friends that called, their names would not show up on the phone so i had to guess who it was, lol. Anyways, today was the day im letting the phone down because i finally got a new phone.

I don't think there's a better phone out there for me other than this. Sony Ericson S580i. Basically the same phone as my old one but BETTER!!!

Mine, with the iphone theme i downloaded.

This phone has everything the old one had but even better. It even has this program called fitness, where you hold it in your hand and run, and it'll calculate the distance and speed u ran!


TODAY, I ran into this dumpster...take a good look at it.

See anything odd?

Take a look at this:

apparently its a sign that tells you not to throw NAI into the dumpster.

Paul part II

by Kenny on Monday, March 24, 2008

Tonight we had Paul's going away dinner @ TGI FRIDAYS. We're all gonna miss you man but hopefully those 5 months pass by quickly!


Me + Paul

Awwww group hug, but what u cant see is that someone, (alex), is grabbing his ass.

A friend of mine works for NHA magazine. She put me in this months on an article about being enviormental.


Tonight met up with Dee, Kat, and Terry thats not shown in the picture. They're friends from wayyyyyy back! It was nice to see them again.

I'll miss you Paul!!!

by Kenny on Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Friday night some friends and I decided to bake some brownies for Paul since he's going away for his military camp in Georgia.

Double Fudge Brownies!...cause yenno, theres 2 packages.

So while we were baking the brownies at my house, we had the TV on and take a look at what was on

Strap on anyone?...ahem Nai

FYI, my birthday is coming up soon.

And heres Paul with the brownie we made! I think he really enjoyed it

Group photo.

Heeeereeeees Broooklyn! Marks daughter.

Real Life Homer Simpson

by Kenny on Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taken from Laughing Squid. . . Real life Homer Simpson


by Kenny on Friday, March 21, 2008

Today was the Grand Opening of THE HUNDREDS store in SF. Went in the morning with Greg just to check out the long ass line for people waiting to get in.

They didn't allow cameras inside the store, but to make it short, imagine being in the batcave. Well more of a reason for you to check it out for yourself.

Look who we have here . . .

O snap! Matttttt in the houseeeee. His buddies waited since 9pm, said the first people in line were from over night. Crazy.

Today i also hit up boxdog to pick up a new tire. I always/usually ride Randonueer tires in the rear, but they didnt have any and the guy offered me this tire, Continential Touring Plus. Looked very similiar to the Rando but check it out, it was even thicker and the rubber felt harder. He hooked it up with 10% off and i was sold.

Tested it out tonight, i may have a new favorite tire! I dont know if it was the transition from going from a old used rando to a brand new tire, but this tire felt really good...skidded fuckin' nice!

Employee of the Month

by Kenny on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My friend MAX works at this place called SUSHI BANZAI in Berkeley. He works with his family that also owns it. Max also has a dog named AIKO. Aiko also works with them. I'd like to congradulate Aiko on being March 2008 Employee of the Month!!!

Happy St. Pattys day

by Kenny on Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So I guess St. Pattys = Corned Beef and Cabbage. WHICH I FUCKING LOVE! its soooooooo good. Today i had it for lunch and dinner! and tomorrow GREG is hookin it up with some left over corned beef since he IS part Irish! (his hobbies include breaking furniture from IKEA)

Here's my friend GREG, me and him go way back since middle school. He's my blog buddy.

This is me in the gorilla costume Greg brought for me.

After work on my way to Valencia to pick up a new tire (shop ended up to be closed) i spotted a fire at a building, 4-alarm. read more about it HERE

afterwards had dinner @ THE ENGLANDER with Max, Mj, Paul, Nai, and Alex.


Paul+Irish Carbomb

Nutty Bars!

by Kenny on Monday, March 17, 2008

Watched BE KIND REWIND on Saturday night. pretty good movie!

This is an acual picture i took of the movie screen

and TODAY i rode with Kyle, he lives a few blocks away from me.

him riding his shopping cart-bicycle hybrid.


by Kenny on Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today was nice even though i got drenched in the rain. Went riding with some friends Jensen, Alex, Mike, and Les. Up until it started raining, then grabbed pancakes at IHOP!

Alex spinning his fire knife while riding lol

Jensen doin it 1 handed for the Philippines!



Oakland Museum Party

by Kenny on Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today i went to this art show party at the oakland museum. It wasn't what i expected..it was a whole lot more. I was pretty surprised they would throw something like that at a museum but it was pretty awesome! Live 105 and TOP DOG was there. Random bands playing everywhere.

The dj and some ramdom lady that was dancing around

my posse!

What was also cool was that the museum was open to the public for free. Check out this weird ass fucking bird. Im not sure but i think those might be eggs in its titties.

Some crazy band rapppinnnn'

The world is in your hands. . .Naked!!!

Drums, Rabbits and Dinosaurs!

by Kenny

Today was one of those feel good days. Wake up at 1 pm. Relax. Always nice! (not that thats my usual routine anyways lol) This morning (really afternoon though) grabbed lunch with my friend Anjelo. We ate at Hawaiian Drive-Inn by Park Street.

Anjelo devouring his Spam Musubi!

This has to be one of my favorite restaruants not really only cause of the food, but the owner is fuckin' awesome. Infact he was the creator of the whole slogan "WE BELIEVE" for the warriors. So check this out, I usually order a Loco Moco which I did in fact order today. Well when I get the food he says to me "hey tell me what you think about this, we changed the sauce for it." So yeah i give it a try and i had to be honest. I went up to the register to buy a drink and i told him my honest opinion; "yeah i actually liked the old sauce more cause it tasted more like a mashed potato gravy." He then told me the drink was on the house. What a cool guy! I'm not picky or anything, infact it was delish still but I just wanted to give him my opinion on it like he said.

So after eating I decided to shoot over to Ants house to film and take pictures of him playing the drums. OH! and to meat his new bunny rabbit bka, ROBOCOP.

Anthony tearin it up on his drums

Feel good picture....at least for Anthony

Anthony let me have this dinosaur that I found at his house. YES!!!!

Ant and his bunny rabbit Robocop, and yes he can hella bunny hop. I seen it!

We headed over to Winchell's Donuts, except one thing.

WINCHAUU'S? This place used to be Winchell's but eh?

Me eating my cinnamon roll from Winchauu's?

So this was at Baskin Robins. . .

Apple bottom jeans, boots widda furrrrrr lol Thanks to Kace for the picture of this girls ass, you cant tell but the girls bf was right beside him almost facing us.

Om nom nom! enough said!

This is Nai holding my dinosaur. When she first see's me she goes "so you gonna make a blog tonight?" lol, well here it is Nai. And i bet Max is gonna be like "so wsup nigga u gonna put Nai on your blog but not me?" lol. yer gay.